Wednesday 21 February 2024

BFF SAL 14... Happy Accidents?

Oh we had such fun this week! Many giggles about a mutual friend's escapades. 

And I filled in the rest of the pink and white flower... only ... wait a minute... it's supposed to have been a pink and pale pink one... and indeed I did start there!!

Ah well,  it's not coming out now, and I really quite enjoy the contrast.

Talk turned to next projects, even though there is still a considerable amount of work left in the border of this. We have a next one, and a potential next few after that.

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Thursday 15 February 2024

BFF SAL 14 - small pink flowery work

More filling in of pink and white flower this week,  didn't make quite the progress I'd mentally envisaged as I got lost a,few times. 

But liking the way this is looking. Contemplating a different shade in the border to that on the pattern,  but that is some way off yet.

Have had an odd funk of late, I think work woes are just tiring me out. Hoping that some upcoming time off helps to reinvigorate the mojo!

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Tuesday 13 February 2024

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop 2024

Stitched hearts
Happy Valentines day blogpeeps!!

It's time for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart blog Hop, hosted by Jo at

I love these felted and embroidered hearts, and I do wonder, given my BFF's work with felt this last year, whether this came from her?  I don't recognise the background quilt though, so perhaps not?

I shall look forward to Hopping around to find out who posted what, and to see whose work I can guess correctly!


Thursday 8 February 2024

BFF SAL 14 A pink flower grows

Pink and white to fill in more of the flower tonight.

Somehow this extra fill has made the flower more real!

Conversation was about Chinese dramas, Korean boy bands and just about anything but reality, as we'd both had a tricky week in the 'real' world.

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Thursday 1 February 2024

BFF SAL 14 - shades of flower and leaf

A bit of both pink and green this week.

Whilst we're enjoying this along the way, it feels like a longer process than anticipated,  we think because of the bitty nature of the blocks of colour.

Part completed oriental flower in vase stitch

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Wednesday 24 January 2024

BFF SAL 14 - Greeeeeeeeen!!

Lots of green for me tonight, completed some bottom leaves and dotted around the others. As I had Internet issues last week we found ourselves unable to meet, which was very frustrating as we'd both so looked forward to our session.

Enjoyed the stitch this evening,  although I did remark that I prefer the colours of my highlighted pattern better teehee!!

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Thursday 11 January 2024

BFF SAL 14 - a nice dotty start

Oh it was nice to be back to our sessions this week. 

Lots of different bits of colour added tonight and felt very engaging. 

Sometimes there feels like not much left,  other times it feels a mere drop in the ocean.

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Wednesday 13 December 2023

BFF SAL Variations on a theme- Christmas continued

Yes, I know we did it last week,  but my brain is too tired for intense colour work from a book. So Variations again this week and a simple stitch.

I thought both of these were on 14 count Aida, but I think this week's  on the left may actually be 16 count.... ah well!

And my count was entirely off on my second attempt at Let it Snow,  so it has currently been abandoned whilst I figure out whether it gets redesigned or binned!!

Maybe a time out will suggest to me how to redesign to my satisfaction,  but as it's only a gift tag sized piece of fabric then I'm not going to stress over it!

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Wednesday 6 December 2023

BFF SAL Variations on a Theme - Christmas

It's the first Wednesday of the month,  so it's time for our monthly theme night. Both finished our earlier projects so something different today. 

For me, 2 of these tags from a World of Cross Stitching cover kit. 

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

BFF SAL 14 - More is Less?

Odd how sometimes adding more can make a stitch suddenly less substantial!  I think because I'd been filling full petals previously,  the new pink seems to have had that effect. 

Coming along steadily,  I didn't summon the mojo to catch up,  so I still have 1hr 45 banked to fo that 'off camera' before the next one.   Need to find something small for Variations next week. 

Check out my BFFs update here,  as I know she got there before me this week!

Sunday 26 November 2023

Advent Calendar Blog Hop 2023

Welcome to Advent! Perfectly timed as this evening's Vigil Mass would be for the first Sunday in Advent. 

The Hop is hosted by Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching.

First to talk about our Santa stories... hmm... well.   My own childhood first.  Living in a flat roofed council house in a new town, I remember being worried as we had no chimney, how would he manage?  Oh he has a Magic Key that works just for Santa and Christmas (maybe they thought I'd worry about someone getting in outside that time).

For our own little one (now a 6ft 4 beanpole), we began quite a complex process.  There would be mince pies or other sweet food item depending on what we had in, and usually Baileys or sherry, but then there would be mess left by the reindeer (just the sawdust 'reindeer food' from school fetes).  And sometimes Santa even left a personal handwritten message.  Yikes it was sometimes hard work to remember exactly what we'd said!

I was so well ahead of myself with my Advent stitch that it took a while to remember what it was!!  This sweet Lucie Heaton mouse.  I really enjoyed this little stitch a lot.

Merry Christmas blogpeeps!!

Wednesday 22 November 2023

BFF SAL 14 -Oh no she didn't!!

No, I'm not off to the pantomime.  But I had been cleaning the teenage son's bedroom yesterday...nuff said.  I was therefore too tired to face counting and making mistakes in my SAL. 

So this week I did 8 rows of knitting,  on my gilet instead. 

My BFF has kindly allowed me 105 minutes of daytime stitches to catch up again,  you can see that next time if I finally get the energy.  We did have a corresponding giggle about me allowing her the same amount of time to spend on her knitting!!

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Wednesday 15 November 2023

BFF SAL 14 - Filling in the Leaves

(To the tune of Bringing in the Sheaves)

Much fun with earworms tonight, one of which my BFF was able to invoke without even singing it!!

I never managed to find my 3364 thread, so I used some free time today to go buy a replacement.  No doubt the original will turn up soon.

A couple of filled leaves and a more fleshed-out petal.  Happy with that for the evening. 

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