Saturday 24 December 2016

Great Expectations? A Christmas Carol? Miracle on 34th Street?

Nah I haven't really made it to Christmas Movie territory yet, but I thought it would be an interesting title to describe the last couple of weeks.

Well - the assignment was duly slogged through - and believe me it WAS a slog - It's been a very long time since I pulled study-nights as long as those ones.  And at the end there were some bits I couldn't answer, and some I simply ran out of time and energy to deal with.  In the end it was submitted with only an hour to the REAL LIFE deadline (Momma don't DO real-life deadlines normally, I've usually submitted to my own self-imposed deadline of the weekend before the real thing).

It was therefore submitted with no real expectations of grandeur, to be honest anything that achieved a pass would be awesome, given how much harder I'd had to work for this one.

So - you can imagine my surprise when:

  "On the twelfth of December, my tutor sent to me - an assignment with mark of 80" !!
    A miracle if ever I saw one!!

It therefore doesn't entirely rule out the possibility of a First - although I would need 90 and 85 respectively in the second assignment and end of course assessment to do it.

But to be honest I think the mental expectations are lowered, I will of course gladly take the First if such a thing comes my way, but this assignment and the stress I put into it have shown me that keeping the perspective is definitely the better option.  I will be overjoyed with a 2.1, the very fact that I have completed a degree whilst working and raising a family is a massive achievement in itself.

(It did also show me that I need to begin on the next assignments much earlier and pace them out more evenly - this module appears to require more time behind a PC than any of my others, but then I am trying to take on brand new learning at Level 3 and living up to it, so maybe that was to be expected).

Time for a Christmas break soon - although I am planning to get a little daytime study in throughout the time off, I think it will help the sanity if I can keep up without staying up till 11.30 to do so.