Sunday 17 May 2015

Comes in handy sometimes!

What does?  My OU learning!

I'm currently learning some stuff about networking and IP addresses (not going to go into horrid levels of detail here cos there's a danger that I put my readership to sleep!!), anyway while having some IT issues of our own yesterday, a question came up that would normally have sent me running for the hills (or at the very least phoning for help from my 'baby' brother to explain it to me).  Anyway, I was able to establish that what appeared to be an issue wasn't one, and understood the information I was being presented with.

It's those (albeit rare) moments when my learning is relevant to daily home or work life that I celebrate as a proof of how far I have come in this convoluted OU journey of mine.

Just thought I'd share that, it's good to procrastinate on a positive note!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Middle of the Road...aka mid-course blues

Halfway House...Middle of the Road...Battle of Midway?

No I'm not planning on releasing a solo album any time soon, I'm discussing the inevitable slump, usually arrives at the halfway point of any module.  The time when I know I have to study, but the want has all but left the building. When reading anything but the course materials is my greatest desire.

This week it's been waxing and waning a lot, perhaps egged on by the fact I am on public transport whilst hubby is off work for the week.  Somehow the thought of study after a longer day is less appealing, and carrying the textbook to work on the bus not as simple as the short walk from the carpark outside the office.  I have managed to force some in, via the guise of my old friend the study-bath.

It's harder to judge the balance of life without the state of the basket, so I'm not sure where I am in the chaos-scale, when I figure out a new measure I will let you know.

Only twice more will I hit this halfway mark though... And then onwards towards .....whatever is next outside the basket.

What's in a Name?

Well, still living outside the basket, in that the role reversal has continued with consent form both parties.

I'm not entirely managing to maintain full distance from the basket, but have refrained from all but a tiny couple of bits of necessary ironing that I wanted to wear immediately.

Which begs a question.... Do I need to rename the Blog?  Not sure that any other name would suit it, although if I come across suggestions then I might give it a try.  My  whole OU journey began because of the basket so I would like to keep some reference to it at least!