Sunday 6 April 2014

Exhaustion or procrastination?

I've hit a lull lately, a period where, for whatever reason, I just can't seem to get my head in gear with regards to my studies.

It's not the course - got through the TMA in plenty of time before going away for a weekend break (and had it back with great results - 97%), I'm enjoying the reading that I am cramming in whilst journeying to and from work.  I just seem to be feeling the increasingly desperate need to simply STOP.  Everything.  The studying, the quilting, the stitching, the washing and ironing, everything.  Stop the world, I wanna get off!!

Is it simply procrastination (which does hit from time to time for all students) or have I finally broken my head and hit the point of exhaustion?  Who knows?  And why won't they tell me?

Hoping I can pull myself out of this slump as I really can't afford any lengthy downtime in Level 3 courses.  I think the extra 2 and a half hours travel every day, although it is giving me much needed uninterrupted study time, is seriously taking it out on a body that already felt overtired, overtaxed and overworked!

Adrenalin shot required please - stat!