Monday 31 October 2022

Halloween 🎃 Trick or Treat Blog Hop 2022

Muhaha... it's time, once again for the  Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop, hosted as ever by Jo over at  Collect your letter and Hop along to the next blog at the end of my post.  Start with Jo if you want to begin at the beginning or know more about the Hop.

I had a real desire to start something new for Halloween this year.  This little piece is a freebie from Durene Jones on her Facebook page.   And it's my first proper evenweave piece since the baby afghan my BFF and I worked for my son, who is now 16!!  And definitely the smallest holes for me thus far, on 32 count hand-dyed Murano fabric in shade Byzantium, from Chromatic Alchemy.  It's only a small piece, but I believe it may grow to something bigger as the years go on.

Your letter to collect is P, and your next visit is to

Happy Halloween Hopping!

Wednesday 26 October 2022

A break with the normal- BFF QAL

My BFFs cross stitch is on a time out after a tricky week last week,  so tonight there were quilts.  And it was quite nice just to plod along with no pattern. 

Check out my BFFs update

Wednesday 19 October 2022

BFF SAL- still a squashed dog

I think he'll only start looking like a reindeer when I stitch his antlers.   Had fun filling in red and light brown tonight, I think the antlers might be the last thing to stitch as they'll make me think about decisions of assembly.   And I don't wanna!!

My BFF had an 'interesting' night with her stitch too.... I'll let her tell you that tale though...

Wednesday 12 October 2022

BFF SAL 10 - one shade

Not fifty shades of grey, but one shade of brown.  I was determined the stitches were going in the right holes this week,  so I played safe!!

Without his antlers, he looks like a squashed dog right now.  I'm still debating construction options,  but there is a while to go before I need to worry properly,  so I shan't!

Check out my BFFs progress here

Wednesday 5 October 2022

BFF SAL 10 - Not exactly sleighing it

Tonight the Stitching kept fighting back. Twice I managed to entirely lose my place.  At least I managed a little progress eventually. 

Jo correctly guessed last week,  this will be a reindeer bauble in a cone shape.  The pattern calls for some patient cutting at the end, right now I am somewhat inclined to ignore that and work with the cone!

Check out my BFFs update here