Wednesday 24 November 2021

BFF SAL 6 - the Other Christmas One

Sorry we were missing last week, we did get together on Skype but I had nothing to share, as I stalled on the SAL, big style. 

It was an odd night this week. Had another attempt, started off with a pointy needle for backstitch and was making such a mess of things it looked like a sketch rather than an outline - that railroad track at the bottom right is supposed to be a nice clean line!

So I stopped, and did a bit of crochet. 

But as my BFF had decided to start on a cover kit we both have, I felt guilty and decided to start the same.  And thus was born BFF SAL 6.  We both started in the same place here, we're working on a rubberised plasticy strange Aida - does it have a real name? The picture here makes it look like there's a fault, but I think it's just a reflection as I can't see it on the real thing! 

I did return to the crochet at the end of the night, and finished off my latest hat.  It requires a pompom, but I shall be purchasing a faux fur one rather than making a woolly one.  I've found in the past that woollen ones are rarely as good as the amount of effort required!

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Thursday 11 November 2021

Lots of Little Stuff - BFF SAL 5

Made good progress this week after a hard day at the office.  Donkey and cow have hair and ears, sheep have their ears, alk humans now have hands, and Mary has a finished cloak and a Holy Baby!!  Oh, and the Big Onion is finally complete.  I prefer my BFF's variation on the theme here though. 

I have a handful of stitching required for the stones in the path, and then a whole host of backstitch to do.

And then I might start to catch up with my BFF.  I only managed to fit in one of my free hours last week, and entirely forgot about the picture to prove it!  So this week I have a free hour left to work on some of that catch up.

This is the disadvantage of working on a shared pattern.  I would have been quite happy with the pace at which it's progressing, as it will be done well in time for Christmas.  But because I can see how much further my BFF's is going, I feel there's pressure to catch up so we can work on the new bit, the fancy stitch for the central star, together.

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