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See saws again

It's a funny old time of year I think.  The balance between daylight and evening is all disrupted, and with it my body clock and emotions.  One minute I feel much more balanced, the next I feel as though I am spinning around out of control.  Had a bit more technical week at work, and I think occasionally, if I don't finish on a high at the end of my part-time week, then it colours my perception of my abilities for the rest of the week.

Keeping up nicely with the reading for OU, but this week I feel as though the practical has gotten away from me a little, despite best efforts.  So I will need to play catch-up a little this coming week.  Trying not to get behind, as there's a lot of new practical stuff that I need to keep my head up with.

Of course the procrastination fairy is waving her wand and trying to point out all the piles of clothing to be put away, the unwritten blog posts, the piles of piles.  I try to banish her entirely, but at the minute I either study, and fee…

A little bit of Column A, a little bit of Column B

More about balance which seems to be a bit of a theme for me lately (well technically I guess a lot of this blog is about finding those balances...).

TM351 is, I believe, the most balanced module I have studied so far.  There seems to be a good mix between reading and practical work, I don't sit on a metro and wonder how to schedule in the massive piles of practical between everything else, nor do I have acres and acres of dry paperwork (albeit electronically supplied now..) to wade through before I can get to an interesting practical challenge.

And the practical challenges are complex enough to keep me interested, but simple enough that my brain doesn't explode whilst trying to figure them out.

I don't know if this feeling is 'for real' or whether it's simply a matter of perception, I do think it helps that my practical programming brain is switched on during the day, so that it is less troublesome to make those connections on an evening when I am tired.  I kn…

The Seesaws of Student Life

At the beginning of last post I was feeling super-balanced - by the end of the week, I was feeling super-stressed.

I think that such is the way of the distance-learning student.  Nothing in particular was the matter, just little bits of everything that combined to make my head hurt, occasionally the pile of responsibilities (of which the OU and its deadlines and such are just part) seems a little too much.

We had household repairs to be done, and I'm the type that will stress over such things till they are done and out of the way (and maybe even for a little while afterwards until they have proved that they are no longer something to worry about!).

 In addition there were things of a technical nature that I wished to replace, but I needed to wait for the outcome of the household repairs before committing funds.  Which left me second guessing my technical requirements until I was finally able to make the purchase, and thus a head filled with specifications and price comparisons a…

Ironing out.....

Well - here we are a week and a day into the module, and I have just finished Week 1 exercises and made a brief start on the first TMA.  So, only a day behind schedule.  We've already had our first tutorial this week too, which was helpful in ironing out expectations and establishing where to expend our efforts.

If I was to describe it with reference to the washing basket, I think it would actually be the nirvana of washing-basket-balance, not too full, not empty, it's odd, I've rarely felt this calm and organised this early in the proceedings, managing not to procrastinate too awfully!

The course software, whilst giving me some headaches with regard to my old PC, is quite user friendly, and is apparently to be used as a 'notebook' too for our assignments, which are completed within the notebook and then converted into a Word format for sending on to the tutor - whilst a little nervous that this process will work completely, I am loving the idea of not having to de…