Thursday 27 May 2021

The importance of Presence - BFF SAL not quite..

Lately I have really been feeling the absence of a 'normal' life, digital overload is setting in again, it feels like I'm dialling into everything recently, and that there's no short-term answers to fix it, as I suspect my 'normal' office life will become a thing of the past.

However, there's a little light at the end of the tunnel, Lockdown restrictions have eased again, and we can go out or away with a set number of people outside our households.

So I decided it was a digital 'week off'  outside of work, and my BFF and I went out for dinner.  Given how long it has been since we were properly allowed in each other's presence, we had certain gifts to be shared, as we had missed my BFF's birthday twice and a Christmas too. Neither of us had wanted to just hand over gifts at the door, as half the pleasure is in the joy of seeing someone open their gifts.  I might share some of those on next month's Gifted Gorgeousness though, so I'll not talk about them now.

We have taken a side by side comparison photo of our SAL to appreciate just how different they are, having come from the same pattern!

And just like our SAL, my dinner was the same but different, steak with a topping of mac n cheese, and sweet potato fries in place of chips for me.

The best and most important part of the evening was the chance to hug my BFF again, and to just BE together again.

Friday 21 May 2021

Decisions, decisions - BFF SAL 3

Finished off the lattice work on the borders, and decided that the middle needed something so created a teeny backstitch design for it.  I experimented with it in the corners too, both in red and pale gold, but the red felt like too much, and the other not enough. So the corners will remain the same unless I decide to add any beads later.

On to backstitch and I decided to use the same red I've used throughout, I rather like the opulence it's bringing to the piece.  I may update the picture later as I have permission to do an extra 15 minutes (we started late due to a bad day for me). 

Check out my BFF's update on

Thursday 13 May 2021

Specialising in our own way - BFF SAL 3

So this week it was time to begin the speciality stitches. I did begin with the satin stitch, got halfway through the first one and didn't like the effect at all!  I guess because I am stitching on Aida so there was no structured place to put my stitches. So I devised my own plan, using what my BFF termed a super-cross stitch, a single stitch over two squares.  Doubled this up for the fullness of satin stitch and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. 

Then onto the celtic knot on the cross.  This was supposed to be using a couched braid, but for me, in a project this small, I didn't feel like it would be massively necessary, and I quite like the look of backstitch. So this got added in the same red as the other speciality stitches. 

Next step was the border, once again calling for braid and doing so in vain.  I did try two strands of DMC 890, but it felt too much and took away the subtlety I liked from the borders - see below 

Going back to a single strand seemed to solve this to my satisfaction, as per the top image. 

It's interesting that once again my BFF and I approached this very differently, check out her uodate once posted on

Saturday 8 May 2021

That which hath now arrived - BFF SAL 3 (update)

Finally finished the fiddly half stitch in the corners. I really like how this pattern is coming together, and I'd even contemplate making it again with different colours. 

Link to my BFF's earlier update on, we should now be in a similar position to start the next session.  I'm planning to entirely miss out the lazy daisy in the corners, as I've seen the completed stitch and it seems overly busy for the space it's in for my tastes, at least.

And then what next? We'll have to be looking again soon!  Crikey, this one went quickly! 

Wednesday 5 May 2021

That which is yet to arrive - BFF SAL 3

Well... I thought I'd be done with the cross stitch part but I was beaten by the excessive amount of fiddly half stitches required after a day full of online meetings at work which needed an extra half hour of downtime before starting Skype today.

We did however make a start on the eyelet stitches, as I'm working on Aida I took the decision to miss out some of the 'arms' of the eyelet and I rather like the starry finish to those.    They do look a little odd without their surrounding circles!

It's also a departure from the charted colour, so it continues to be more unique.

Check out my BFF's update on when she's posted... I've been getting in early with my posts to avoid my dodgy memory on the day after. 

 More updates in the next couple of days possibly, as I have dispensation to catch up with the fiddly backstitch in my own time.