Tuesday 26 January 2016

A long Shift

One of those long old commuting weeks this week - oh - in reality not much longer than before, but sometimes it just FEELS that way, right?  First week back at work after a fortnight off - a fortnight in which I allowed myself to be 'Off' fully, aside from a couple of squeezed-in study baths to assuage the student guilt.

And my team has moved offices - only a couple of stops on the commute, but somehow on the first day back, a step too far.  So, yesterday I indulged the need to just read a novel instead of studying on the commute.  However, needs must and the TMA deadline will not change just because I have moved two stops up the metro line, so I have dragged myself back into it kicking and screaming today.

I've gone back to the system that worked so well for the last assignment.  Make a plan for the progress I want from each study session, achieve it, then stop and walk away, do something for me (even if it's just catching up with my blogging habit).  Obviously this is day 1 but I managed it today which is a start...

But what about the rest of what's happening outside the study doors?

On the plus side, the Software Developer training seems to be gearing up for happening, releases have been agreed by both sets of management.  I am therefore hanging eagerly on awaiting a formal date, which could potentially be within a couple of weeks.  So very excited to have a chance to put this learning into real-life context, and to add to it (with - oh bliss - daytime studying and real-life tutors and mentors etc).

I can't quite imagine yet how life is going to look, during training or afterwards, and to be honest if I try too much imagining, I get caught up in a miasma of panic about the finer details (which I know will iron themselves out once I am up and running).  But if I'm caught up enough in it all to worry about it, it must be Important!!

Kind of trying to prepare the rest of my world (family, friends, meetings and clubs) to be ready to accept a 'reduced service' for a while (metro terminology...), but without knowing the ins and outs of what's going to happen I can't plan properly.

The Washing Basket, thankfully is hubby's domain so shouldn't take too much of a battering, but I worry what the Greater Washing Basket (aka the House) may look like at the end of 4 to 6 months of full time attendance at work (not to mention potentially time away from home).  And how many post-school hugs and confidences I will miss from my boy as I will miss all the school runs.  (notice that morning school run is a chore, but evening school run is a pleasure and something that makes me feel like a 'normal' Mam for a couple of days a week).

Ah - a bloggy rant anyway.  I'll be back with more details once I know them (argh tell me, tell me!!)