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A long Shift

One of those long old commuting weeks this week - oh - in reality not much longer than before, but sometimes it just FEELS that way, right?  First week back at work after a fortnight off - a fortnight in which I allowed myself to be 'Off' fully, aside from a couple of squeezed-in study baths to assuage the student guilt.
And my team has moved offices - only a couple of stops on the commute, but somehow on the first day back, a step too far.  So, yesterday I indulged the need to just read a novel instead of studying on the commute.  However, needs must and the TMA deadline will not change just because I have moved two stops up the metro line, so I have dragged myself back into it kicking and screaming today.
I've gone back to the system that worked so well for the last assignment.  Make a plan for the progress I want from each study session, achieve it, then stop and walk away, do something for me (even if it's just catching up with my blogging habit).  Obviously this i…