Wednesday 27 September 2023

BFF SAL 14 - a new beginning

Can you believe we're up to 14 now??

It's always exciting getting to start something new, what do I want to stitch it on, do I have enough fabric and threads?

Hard to see in a picture but this is on a pale dusky rose aida, which I believe is 16 or 18 count,  I have yet to establish which.

The outlines here look like a half eaten apple to me, which is definitely not the case!

Check out my BFFs update here to see what she started with - as usual we are taking a quite different path despite starting in precisely the same spot!

Wednesday 20 September 2023

BFF SAL A Baker's Dozen - the cakes are ready!

All neatly finished in time (for the end of our session), and in time to honour the start of the Great British Bakeoff (I believe it goes by a different name when exported to the USA).

I've enjoyed watching this grow, but I will be glad not to be changing threads so often!

We had an in person get together on Monday, so we were able to take some time to find a project for BFF SAL 14 next week. 

Check out my BFFs update here

Wednesday 13 September 2023

BFF SAL A Baker's Dozen - I ate cake

No... I mean... I have 8 cakes LOL.   Have been doing a couple then backstitch as I go, somehow that is less irritating. 

Of course now that means we have to start working out what's going to be the project for SAL 14.  Good grief, who knew that Lockdown SAL would grow into a set like this!

Check out my BFFs update here

Wednesday 6 September 2023

BFF SAL - Variations on a Theme 1 - Christmas

And now for something a bit different.  The first of our 'Variations ' evenings. A chance to cheekily start something new without first finishing something old.

We will take a theme and stitch something on that theme for the first Wednesday of each month.   This being the autumn,  it's of course time for a Christmas stitch. 

I'm working on an Advent Calendar by Durene Jones.  This appeals due to the single thread colour in each panel.  I'm not quite following the pattern for colour choices,  with finishes in (DMC) 777 and 550 thus far, rather than the recommended 817 and B5200

I'm really enjoying the stitch this far, and managed to complete a single panel within our session.  

Edited to add my previous finishes too

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