Sunday 28 October 2018!

OK, well I got a bit behind in my posting again didn't I?  Last one was in July!!

So many things happening again.  So... let's start where we left off then.

When last I blogged, I was in the middle of negotiations for salary, and I was left as the sole developer in charge of my project.

Well, the negotiations concluded, and salary finally started to be paid at the end of August...and by Christmas they might have got round to paying the correct amount...grr.  (Maybe a big growl for another ranty post..)

I've also started working a 4-day week, as my new wages are making it worthwhile to do so.  Not sure how well that's currently sitting with my body, though.  But I'll get there, hopefully before they sort out all the salary workings...

I've also now got 'people' to work with, and have had a couple of new projects come my way.  More about such stuff in the next couple of posts though, otherwise this one will be ridiculously long.

Going to try and get back to more regular blogging, and make an effort to update things here, might help keep it straight in my own head at least!

Missing the OU stuff lately, I think the structured study is my best focus.  Even found myself trawling the website yesterday looking at courses.....nah too expensive, without the transitional protection.  But I think I need to make a structured plan, and it might help me what I want to learn and in what order...