Thursday 25 March 2021

Still playing catchup - Lockdown SAL

Halfway through the backstitch now, after a stressful day at work I struggled to combine counting the numbers of stitches to cross over with any form of conversation or listening.  And as the main purpose of our get-together is to be together then it wouldn't be right to say 'hush, I'm trying to count!'.

So I have special dispensation to finish offline, which I shall do and share when I am done.

Having a week away from Skype next week, as I have a big-number birthday coming up that day.  Although I object to the presence of 50 when I never really got to celebrate 49.  But time waits for nobody, not even me!

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Thursday 18 March 2021

A sense of clarity - Lockdown SAL

A joint start to the back stitching this week, my BFF had been gleefully anticipating a finish, but we often underestimate the amount of time needed for backstitch.  And there is a reasonable amount of it in this project.  

I love the backstitch trunk on the left trees, but the branches feel a bit random and 'afterthought - y'… never mind, there's some there now.

I decided to work on the bluebell flowers next, in the hopes that my little blue man might go away... No such luck, now he just wears a mermaid skirt!! Hoping that the stems have the desired effect next week.

And then we need to figure out what to do next!

Head to my BFF's update on to see her progress.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Sorry I am a day late for this month's GG, hosted by Jo at

This time of the year always makes me think about my lovely Gran. She was also a Veronica, who also shortened it (although to Ronnie rather than Roni), as I was named after her.

This is a stitch I completed for her maybe 20 years ago or more, which I reclaimed when she passed away 15 years ago.  It makes me smile to look at it and remember the great times and lively debates (arguments... surely not? ) I had with Gran. 

Thursday 11 March 2021

A finish and a giant head? Lockdown SAL

Yippee!! Finally done with the cross stitch.  Felt like it was never going to be finished, even this week I suffered a thread-knot that pushed us over time for the night.  But the cross stitch and the back stitch on those big trees has allowed me to catch up with my BFF.

So we can start from a shared perspective next week again. And we'll soon have to decide on the next project. 

But what about the big head?  My BFF decided to ask my hubbyman if he could see my little blue man.  Nit only could he see it, but he saw the cottage as a giant bobble head with hair and eyes watching me as I stitch!  Now I can't unsee that either!!

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Thursday 4 March 2021

A haunting stitch? Lockdown SAL

You know those times when you can't see something yourself till someone else points it out, but once the thought is in there, it won't go away?  My BFF had a bit of that with another 'earworm' that she tried to infect me with.  But that isn't what I'm talking about this time... Oh no. 

Take a look at the variegated thread underneath the cottage, and my BFF saw the little blue man in a green coat! Now I can't unsee it!!  Thankfully the backstitch on the bluebells should make him go away, otherwise I will need to figure out a story about why he's there, cos I'm not unpicking anything!! 

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