Wednesday 4 March 2015

Completely out of the Basket!

Before you ask, no I haven't had a major strop and thrown clothes and studies into the wind.

In his own words..."There's a new sheriff in town! "

Hubby and I were discussing the chores over Sunday dinner, and both of us felt like a change of some sort might do us good.

So I have abdicated as Queen of the Laundry, and him as King of the Dirty Dishes....These being the roles we traded off when we first moved in together.  An experiment has been proposed and accepted by both parties, we will be doing each other's major task.

It's been but a few days yet so we are still ' keen to impress'.  I can't help feeling that I got the best end of the deal, so I am happy.

A little part of me is finding it difficult to let go, the automatic tendency to sort another load till it's gone is still hanging around so far.  And I did smile a little as he talked of how you could just wash dishes but you need to learn many different things to do laundry....I don't think I really thought of it that way before... But it does explain somewhat why my head is so fuzzy... So many instructions to remember! What goes in with what... What definitely doesn't... What gets ironed and on which setting?

So I will keep you abreast of progress.... In the meantime I might have to catch up with study if I have less work to procrastinate with!!!