Thursday 31 August 2023

BFF SAL A Baker's Dozen... let them eat cake

It was great to be back to our session this week,  I missed it a lot while on my holidays.  Had a lovely time in the sun but very grateful to be home in cooler weather now.

Dotted about completing the cupcakes I could reach with the colours I had out of the box. So added their backstitch at the end because the remaining cakes required decisions as to how they're laid out,  or what colours to use, given that we're adapting an existing piece to fit.  And I didn't have that amount of thought energy... so fun left for next week. 

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Wednesday 9 August 2023

BFF SAL A Baker's Dozen continued

The vertigo is abating slightly,  so this week I managed to get some Stitching in.

Filling in each colour as I go, and following the pattern for these, later there will be design choices required,  but for today I celebrated merely Stitching. 

Back in 3 weeks time after a well earned summer break.

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Thursday 3 August 2023

BFF SAL... not quite

Apologies for the absence last week,  it's been a weird fortnight,  which saw me fighting with vertigo.   And as I need to swap to more magnifying glasses for cross stitch, I didn't manage anything this week either, as it was triggering an attack of dizziness. 

But my BFF and I enjoyed a long fun night, looking at Etsy shops for patterns for me, we're going to change things up on the first Wednesday of each month with a themed stitch.  This gives us any excuse for a new start without letting the main BFF SAL projects stall for too long.

I think I've decided what to do, but you'll have to find out more next month.  Hopefully I'll be back to a stitch next week!

And I did manage 2 rows of this knitting.. so there was craft worked anyway.  I'm enjoying this as something that still allows me to craft whilst I wait for the vertigo drugs to chase that away.