Sunday 10 February 2019

Moving On

So - once again things have moved on (at work).

There was a massive team re-shuffle, where the developers on the team got to make a choice which project they wanted to follow and why.  For me it was a no-brainer - there is one project up and running which is in a position to be properly working and making changes.  The rest of the work is in a state of flux, and I needed to make a decision that would get me coding again properly, and quickly!

Weirdly (for me at least), that's also the project I started my career with.  Feels a bit like coming full circle, but in a nice way.  I'm also now working with one of my colleagues from training - we get to keep each other from going too far down the 'rabbit hole' of code, and we have someone there whose job is primarily to support us.

We're in the very early days of restarting stuff - so we're in the midst of trying to understand the code and the business rules, while simultaneously updating and improving some of the current automated tests to support the work that's already there.  Some bits are proving easier than others, but that's good as it provides a challenge.

There will be some new stuff to come, and we're looking forward to getting into that as well, but for me it's just SO nice to be working on a supportive team with enough work to keep us going properly.

Sadly the girls on my 'mini-team' have gone forward with my old project, which is still in the very very early days of its redesign, so there's not really a proper structure of work for them yet.  I'll miss working with them, but this move has come at the right time and provided what I needed for this point in my journey, and I needed to make my choice based on what was right for me alone this time round.

I'm also going to be working alongside my mentor of old, who is a senior developer/manager on the team.  So there are plans afoot to provide a proper development plan and help rebuild my confidence with regards to my coding abilities.

OK - enough waffle for now - more later I think, once I settle into the team.

(no further news on 'new' blog yet, the changes have involved a fair bit of travel and brain-work, and I've not made decisions on how to proceed yet) this space...