Wednesday 28 October 2015

Landmark Moments Part 2

Well no sooner had I sat and congratulated myself on part 1...I realised all of a sudden that I should check out the Degree progress page...

Yippee!!  I have a Degree - somehow I still can't believe it's really really real!!

Upon reading up further in the "bumpf", it appears that I can accept the degree without Honours and just defer the graduation ceremony till the 'real' end - so that is my plan so far.

It's been a 'future thing' for so long I still can't believe it's real and happening now and I can really be:
Veronica Colling BSc.

I have to admit that I've had more than one emotional moment today as it's sunk in, this massive journey has an actual Result!!  Chin has been a-wobbling muchly, and not for Weightwatchers-related reasons.

Might post more in the coming days after I calm down, but I had to get it out there while the buzz feels like this.

Landmark Moments Part 1

I did it!! Finally the elusive Distinction is mine. Results of TM129 came out today.  So I was happily celebrating this piece of news with myself when I realised something else...cue Landmark Moment Part 2!!

Sunday 25 October 2015

Welcome old friends

Well once again I am back to the need for a new "new normal". Somehow this time round not as chaotic as the last.  There are less after-work requirements for parental duties, and yes, being Outside the Washing Basket does help a lot.

That being said, I'm still welcoming back 2 old friends.... Can you guess who? 

Yes my dear friends the Study Bath and the Study Commute.

It's nice to have a textbook that is portable enough to bathe with this time round. And once you get past the screaming kids and screaming parents, those 3 hours on a bus or train are valuable time that can be filled with necessary reading and free up time at home for practical work.

I'm expecting the result from TM129 any time this week, so I will keep you posted!!