Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Sweet Spot

Well, the EMA is in, the new course materials haven't arrived yet, and I have a week off work.  I have downtime stretching ahead of me to fill with anything I want, and no guilty feelings about what I should have been doing instead.

It's also the time where I can say that I have finished sufficient points for the degree!!  I'll be more excited when I have that official confirmation though.  Even though I have no intention of walking away at this stage, it's kind of nice to know that what I have achieved means something, officially.

(Not allowing myself the option of what happens if I didn't pass.  Not allowed to happen)

Now I've just got to confirm in my head ideas for a graduation quilt. Talked it up and down many times but just not sure still about a particular idea.  Might think about starting something soon in the hopes I can finish by graduating time.