Wednesday 25 November 2020

Lockdown SAL - the absence of the stitch

Ah... No pictorial updates this week. Being in the midst of packing up our house to relocate, I've had less opportunity to work on my current time-bound WIP, which I will show eventually on completion, as it is a gift for a family member.  So I requested that this week's SAL time be devoted to that project for me.  And as my BFF is already quite ahead of me, she also decided to work on something else too.

But rest assured, we're both still here and maintaining our online meetings as much as we can.  They're good for our mental health, and it's just great to talk, or to listen.

Check out at some point to see  any updates from my BFF once available. 

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Did I do anything? Lockdown SAL

Whilst stitching, I felt like I was getting a lot done... So how come I feel like I can barely see what I achieved?  My BFF and I had a night where we just needed to be working on what we could See.... Sometimes a certain patch of stitches suddenly becomes visible.  In my case it was a tad towards the literal sight too... I'm not sure how long the light bulb in my living room has been dead but it certainly helped when I replaced it teehee!!

Head over to to see my BFF's update too. 

Saturday 14 November 2020

Barely a Stitch On - Lockdown SAL

Can you see where I've been?? I can only just make it out!  We had a very reduced time to stitch this week a little over half an hour, delayed by a day too.  But I think it still did us some good, to be able to spend virtal time in each others company.

Head over to to see my BFF's update too.