Wednesday 23 February 2022

Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. I can't count. BFF SAL 7

A most frustrating stitch this week.  Decided to start on the cat at the bottom of the design, having worked some little flowers from the top of the design down-overs.

But upon counting, it did not match up with the flowers above to be where it ought to be. 

No matter what I did, and how I counted, my cat was right, and my flowers were right. I pulled the entire cat out in disgust, blaming covid-brain. 

I spent more of the session un-stitching than I did stitching! 

And then I decided to work on the second side of the design.  So that's when I realised that the mistake was made last week, on the main frame, which is one stitch too short.

So I have dispensation to fix the (currently invisible) cat, which was never wrong in the first place!!  I'll update you again once I've done that, probably just on this post. 

Oh, but I did sneak in some backstitch in the top of the frame, as that's self-contained. 

I can work around the rest now I know what the problem is, as there's nothing much structural to stress about.   So much for a simple cover kit!!

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EDIT: finally I have a cat shape there!

Saturday 19 February 2022

Gifted Gorgeousness February link up

I've been feeling properly sorry for myself this week since succumbing to Covid, so I definitely missed the proper day for GG.  But, as I've felt a little better today, I've been stitching on a fabric that I got for Christmas 2021, I fell in love with the coffee colour Aida, although I had nothing in mind to stitch on it. 

I'm allowing myself totally free rein whilst I'm feeling rough, and just doing as much as I feel able to at the time. Today is a good day, and I finished a whole thing!! 

I've had the book from which the pattern came for some time, it may too have been a gift, but I'm not certain of that. 

Very happy with this daffodil, it's one of my favourite flowers, as it reminds me of my Gran, who always loved her daffs when they were in season. 

It was a fun, easy stitch. And I have a few more simple stitches in mind from the book, just because I want to stitch. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to finish this and that, sometimes we forget to just stitch to be stitching! 

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Thursday 17 February 2022

First Past the Post - BFF SAL 6 finish

After our extra session last week, this week was all about the big finish. And you know what?  I got there first!   Largely because my BFF was interpreting the making up instructions to her own tastes, but I'll let her tell you about that on her blog

And then, can you believe it, we started on BFF SAL 7!!!  As you'll see on my BFF's blog, we're tackling this one differently.  Any guesses on the subject? 

It's a small project, as we're both craving a slightly bigger something next, but we've not yet found something that we can both agree we feel like stitching. 

I still need to finish off BFF SAL 5 backstitch. I've set myself a target to be done by the end of the month, but Covid came along this week to scupper my best-laid plans, I had not raised a needle till yesterday.  It is still possible though, and then I plan to work on another stalled project each month in an attempt to get some completion. 

Anyway, enough waffle... Go see my BFF's update, and stay tuned for more BFF SAL next week! 

Sunday 13 February 2022

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop

Welcome to the Hop, hosted by Jo on

Check out her blog to find out who's participating today. 

I love this piece from my Sweetheart, I look forward to seeing who sent it.  It's very bridal in style, I'd love to know more about the story behind it.

Time to Hop around and see who got mine, too! 

Saturday 12 February 2022

Extra Time for Elfis - BFF SAL 6

Well, I got the cross stitch finished off, as you saw at the end of the last post. BFF and I were talking during the day about how close we were to a finish now.  So we decided on an impromptu extra session this week.  We did, however, prove my point that my BFF stitches faster than me, as her backstitch was done by the end of the night, mine still had another hour or so of work left. 

So once again I was away with dispensation to finish, this time the backstitch. 

We had some discussion around hands and smile, as the pattern looked like he was wearing skin coloured mittens. I've pinched my BFF's smile here too, as the quizzical look on the pattern didn't feel quite right. 
As I plan to use him as a standing display rather than a bauble, I've not bothered with my BFF's fix for the blank spot on the reverse. 

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Thursday 10 February 2022

Lots of clothes - BFF SAL 6

Elfis has shoes, and presents, and (not that I can see on the picture) a completed hat.

And of course, true to form, I am lagging behind.  At the point of finishing last night he had only one shoe. I therefore have special dispensation to catch up and finish the cross stitch parts, so we can start backstitch together.

Talk was thin on the ground, we were very intent on our stitching this week.  But we did discuss ideas for the next project.  Nothing set in stone yet though.

There... Now you can maybe see a teeny difference... All caught up in an hour or so. 

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Thursday 3 February 2022

Almost Fully Dressed - BFF SAL 6

Elfis has his coat on now! 

I found it very odd that giving him a filled in arm on the left of the picture, suddenly made the already-filled right one look more arm-like!

Some shoes to go, and another parcel.  (Before backstitch of course). 

I will determine whether to follow my BFF's lead and do anything about the error on the back of the pattern, by how far behind I am when she starts her solution... It might just bring us in line, time-wise, so I might allow myself not to bother!!

BFF SAL 5 is making a small amount of progress too, but I don't have a picture to share just yet... Hopefully I'll be done with that one in February, and on to other guilt-inducing pieces that also need finishing.

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