Great Expectations? A Christmas Carol? Miracle on 34th Street?

Chasing a finish

Is Good Enough still GOOD ENOUGH?

Procrastination, Panic and The Final Hope

Making Lists

See saws again

A little bit of Column A, a little bit of Column B

The Seesaws of Student Life

Ironing out.....

And ....we're off...

When the worm turns the other way

That Back To School Feeling

More random musings....on busy laziness

The Void Between


No further journey paused as another begins

Grr weekends...

...and the start of the end

The end of the start....

..And the start of a new era

The end of an era...

Survived to tell the tale

T minus 2..and counting!

The Good the Bad and the Java

Shifting my own Goalposts?

Encouraging Results

Eek its almost upon us...

Back to the future

When enough isn't enough

Procrastination Over...almost...

Pre-revision time!!

And today I get to play...

Over the hills

A matter of timing

A little more balance perhaps

Trying to balance - the tightrope of study-study-life

Thank you Open University!

Survive - and thrive?

Realisations of a developing developer

Finally Beyond the Basket!

One to go...

Frazzles and 'pressing pause' and 'pressing fast forward'