Thursday 24 November 2022

BFF SAL 10 - FFO Reindeer

Yassssss!!  Finally completed.  Have to admit I was nervous around the cutting edges, but it went OK.

Have opted to make sure he's displayed face on, as I had zero energy left to think up creative solutions for hiding the back of his antlers- but let's be honest nobody looks at reindeer butts anyway,  do they?

And flash photography doesn't do the thread any favours, it's not as see-through as the images suggest.

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Wednesday 16 November 2022

BFF SAL 10 - deer oh deer

Well, the cross stitch and backstitch part is finished.  All that remains is assembly.  And there I paused for the night, for fear that I accidentally remove feet or antlers.   I know that I don't really want to follow the process for cutting around the antlers,  but I suspect I may have no other choice. Going to practice with some paper first I think.  So here he is, awaiting my next steps.

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Wednesday 9 November 2022

BFF SAL 10... halfway to somewhere ??

.. not paradise.  Loving the fact that am nearly done with my reindeer,  but liking him less as it goes along somehow, maybe that will change once the backstitch is completed?  Still has a dog in a reindeer costume look about him somehow!

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Wednesday 2 November 2022

Sooooo close... BFF SAL 10

Oh, so close to completion of the cross stitch part now for me. I make it 35 stitches to go in the second antler (although my menopausal brain keeps helpfully supplying the word Horns instead...much hilarity ensued in trying to correct it and only making things worse)

My BFF thinks he looks like the dog from the Grinch dressed up as a reindeer.   I hope that wears off!!

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