Thursday 28 January 2021

Slowly appearing trees - Lockdown SAL

Most of this week's efforts involved adding some substance to those smaller trees in the background, and behind the cottage. Other little bits of dotting about after that, but I can see what I have done this week, at least, which is gratifying 👀

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Thursday 21 January 2021

January Gifted Gorgeousness

Once a month (technically the 15th but she is very patient with those of us who are a bit late) Jo over at hosts Gifted Gorgeousness, sharing our stitxhy related gifts, whether given or received. 

So this month I will share my new embroidery scissors, Xmas 2020 was a strange one for various reasons, and we chose all of our own gifts. I'm a big lover of rainbows and things with a rainbow feel, so these little snips just hit the spot perfectly!

Here they are, trying to steal the limelight from my current WIP, which is also a gift, but which you won't get to see in its entirety till it is finished and perhaps till it is gifted too. 

Countless stitches - Lockdown SAL

We're back! Not that I've been away from stitching for too long, but I've been working on a gift which I had given myself a February deadline for, so I needed any time to be allocated to that project.

The gift has not yet gone on its merry way, but I have revised my deadline to the summer, when the intended recipient should be back from international travels (providing that plans do not change along the way).  I'd not foreseen just quite how exhausting moving home would be, and how little energy I'd be able to devote to stitches whilst unpacking etc.

But the one thing I have maintained is that contact online with friends and family in my old area, my BFF and I had a reduced get together last week and decided that it was time to resurrect the SAL this week. 

Now, the pattern I've been working on elsewhere has involved mt first forays into using the Pattern Keeper app on my phone to track stitches as I go along rather than paper and highlighter.  I'm planning a more in depth post on the pros and cons of that one later, so not too much detail here.   But one feature is the capture of the number of stitches in each session.  This can be great for keeping yourself motivated along the way, but a little intimidating also, to see how much is still left to go!

So the SAL was a soothing change from that, with no deadlines, no counting of total numbers stitched, just a dot around with a few colours depending on what looked good to me at the time.

We're looking forward to more of the same next week, and planning on looking again at what our next project might be for SAL. Contemplating a theme next time rather than the same piece, but who knows what might turn up before then?

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