Merry Christmas blogpeeps!!

A sneaky peak...

Confessions of a Resting Student

A long awaited day...

Are we there yet?

The other side...and the bit in between

Progress... of a sort

When the basket fights back..more PMA please?

A different ball game...aka the art of revision

Stunned and amazed - again!!

The patchwork of my life

Is it because I'm a student?

The calm....before the storm?

PMA for a TMA

And the winner is....

Rebel without a cause

Out with the old, in with the new..

Stunned and Amazed!! Magic disappearing numbers

On the edge of the basket - part 2

On the edge of the basket....aka work-life balance and what it actually means....part 1

What happens at the end?

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Scaries?

Stop, look and listen...

Double or Quits

Oh the Games People Play now....

Where are the spiders?

Basically good stuff

Frogs and Toads...and scary Level 2

Back to work...and back to work...

A new course...and a couple of new challenges

There must be more to life than this...?

And so it begins....