Wednesday 31 August 2022

The Bear's Essentials... and a teeny new start - BFF RAL

Yippee,  the Bear is finished!
I've enjoyed this little cover kit, even if some bits are more Unique than they ought to be. I'd expected the random fur to be annoying,  it was easier than the clothing backstitch. 

So time left over and guilt made me pull out a new start as I didn't have the energy for a bigger project tonight. Can you tell what it's going to be yet?  It looks clear to me but my BFF thinks otherwise,  so any guesses?

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Thursday 25 August 2022

An FFO, a cosy companion and a bear - BFF RAL night

Firstly,  the FFO... well, I say FFO, it's framed and hung on the wall.  But it went up there without being stitched into position and has a slight misalignment... so it will get fixed at some point in the future,  but as there's only me looking at it then it's not currently stressing me enough to rush into that.

This week I had a fancy for quilting, so I did another 12 inch square of my current WIP quilt.  Forgot to take a photo before I removed it from the hoop, so here it is keeping my knees warm instead.  It's a nice cosy hobby for autumnal weather. 

And finally,  a bit more progress on the little bear cover kit. Looks like he's wearing a Maharajah's slippers,  or some awesome running blades for a Paralympic champion. 

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Thursday 18 August 2022

BFF RAL 2, a finish and more bear

YAY!  Kimono is finished!!  The cornucopia is using a single strand of 783 along with a blue Kreinik blending filament.  Much less stressful than the metallic gold to work with.  The medallion at the top uses a strand of medium pink with the same blending as I thought it weird to have it the same colour as the cornucopia. 

And I even had a little time left for teddy who got the beginningsof his trousers.

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Wednesday 10 August 2022

BFF RAL (random along)

We're still between ideas for a joint project,  so more random stitches this week.  This week I have been working on the kimono from my Joan Elliot Oriental book.

That bottom cornucopia shape holding the flowers calls for metallic gold as per the border, I'm not convinced as it's very scratchy. Still trying to decide on what to replace it with though.  

I should manage to finish the cross stitch this week and get started on the backstitch.

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Monday 8 August 2022

Stitching Friends are Friends Who Count - Summer Blog Hop 2022

Welcome to the Hop, hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching

Let me tell you about my Stitching Friend today and see if you can guess who she is. 

My Friend lives in the Southwestern US state of Arizona.  My geography is abysmal,  I had to look up where it was before posting as I have always thought Arizona was in the southeast!!

She is currently recovering from multiple surgeries so doesn't get quite as much opportunity to stitch as she would like, I think.  Despite this, she's making great progress (by hand too) on a Cathedral Windows friendship quilt, supported by her dog Murphy.

As she's a quilter, I thought I'd share this bed runner, which grew out of a larger  project my BFF helped me to design, which may still be underway for many years to come!

And for a focus on friendship,  how about this one?

The words spoke to me of who, and what my BFF, is to me. And my BFF, who is not a woman of great emotional displays in general, was very touched by both dragon and sentiment.

The writing (which is the reason I knew my BFF wouldn't make it for herself) was much easier than I expected.  The dragon itself was an easy stitch, but it was one of those items for which the back stitch required coming up and down in holes which were not there, it was ironically my most difficult backstitch

And in case you haven't already guessed, my Friend for the Hop is Grace at

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Thursday 4 August 2022

BFF RAL - Bear with us

A 'bear'y good night's work on our own random projects. Mine looks as though he was hit by a snowball here. Coming along nicely though.

Also added a few stitches to my 'Happiness' piece from an Aldi kit. But no photos for that one.

Just good to get together for the natter. 

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