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Chasing a finish

This weekend has been a slog, with most of it spent slaving away at the assignment.  Still not completed (or even close to it) by my own self-imposed deadline of the weekend before, and only 3 and a half more days in which to get there in time for the real life deadline.

I'm hoping that it all comes together at some point, and that progress becomes a little faster.  I certainly don't foresee a distinction on this one, maybe the pressure will be off a little if that isn't the case.  Maybe I might surprise myself in the end, but it's getting closer and closer to the deadline with slogging slews of slow progress, so I dunno?

Time to walk away for the night now, and back to it tomorrow night. (and maybe even lunchtime, an hour at lunchtime may be helpful when I am fresher in mind and body).

The Greater Washing Basket looks like a bomb dropped, I can see my 'week off' being spent putting it to rights again before Xmas.  Sigh - the joys of winter!

Is Good Enough still GOOD ENOUGH?

That seems to  be the question that I've saddled myself with lately.  I think I am stressing more about the results of this final module than I have about any other part of my OU journey.  The fact that the result of this one will determine that final result seems to have endowed it with some extra significance, but that in itself seems to be creating a spiral of worry that I've not felt before.

Re-reading my old posts, whilst I have always strove to be the best that I can be, and would be disappointed with anything else from myself, I've never put pressure on myself to this extent.  I've found that those moments during this TMA when I can't see the wood for the trees (and you know I've had them in every module before too....) the small seeds of doubt creep in, that I've never allowed myself before.

I had a particularly bad evening's study last night and started to worry more, which of course never paved the way for coherent rational thoughts of any kin…

Procrastination, Panic and The Final Hope

It's pre - TMA time again - time for my body to shut down and decide that it's not really ready for all this study malarkey, and that there must be 25 million other things more important.

(Including apparently having a cold.....grrrr!)

I'm trying hard not to let the Procrastination Fairy in, trying to make small progress each day that I am capable of coherent thought after the rigours of travel.  But still I worry, is it enough?  Are those small concessions to 'self' and to downtime, too much, is there a brick wall with my name on it?

It's not helped by a particularly negative appearance on the Facebook page, which makes me worry about the final results, will I get the results I so desperately want?  People who were expecting high results barely scraped passes.  Think I need to speak to a tutor and get a little perspective on it all I guess, it may just be a few negative voices which are not reflective of the whole.  Meanwhile I think I need to remove myself fr…

Making Lists

Well, you know it's "That Time" of year again (already??) - lists are being compiled to be used for inspiration for presents etc, who's getting what, what's been bought etc etc.

We were also talking about lists in our Weight Watchers meeting this week, namely the satisfaction of being able to tick off when something has been completed, and the sense of structure and order this can sometimes bring into the chaos.

Me - I alternate between loving and hating 'lists' - sometimes I can see them as just proof of how much is there as yet undone, sometimes they are the proof that I have 'done something' in amongst the chaos.  I think I like to focus on the achieved rather than the 'still to achieve', I think I struggle with the concept of a 'To Do List' as such as it never feels 'Done' - does that make any sense?

But one thing I found in last year's study, was that making and charting some kind of progress, whether that was on a…