Friday 20 February 2015

Washing and Waiting

Hmm....there's been lots of both of those recently.

The most positive wait....funding was agreed and work are going to help out financially - it's a big boon and will benefit both parties, as the logic and programming knowledge will help with the work I am being asked to do most days now in the 'day job' (not always in the calm focused environment I would like to be doing it, but hey it's programming whichever way I have to be doing it and that's got to make me smile sometimes!!)

From a waiting point of view, the wait to start the course is well and truly over, now it's just time to try and keep the procrastination fairy away.

Which brings me to one of the other waits...yes the wait for the winter craft 'mojo' to arrive - typically it arrived about a week after the start of the course!!  So I am trying valiantly to balance studying and sewing, I've waited so long to feel the urge to stitch again that I can't force myself to ignore it entirely and go study instead!

And as for the final wait - I've been looking into the graduation ceremonies - this being the year that I should achieve 300 points - however there isn't one yet this year in this area which would take place before I get the course results for the current module.  And the next one 'up here' is next September - so having waited till September 2016, do I just continue and wait till I graduate with Honours too in June 2017?  I might need to take some advice from Student Support on this one.

I'd kind of love to simply go to a ceremony elsewhere later this year, but then it would mean not being surrounded by all the family and friends I have been so supported by along the way.  And I think that having that proud moment shared would mean so much more to me than 'doing it sooner'.

 So -  lots to think about.  And in the meantime, plenty of washing in the basket to keep me occupied!!