Monday 5 December 2022

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Welcome to Day 5 of the Advent Calendat blog Hop. Hosted by Jo at, we need to share a winter or Christmas stitch, and answer the question... What's For Afters?

This one is a previous SAL piece for both me and my BFF. I have yet to figure out how to mount it.  
But I do still rather like it, and it will form part of my decorating this year, along with two plastic canvas finishes. 

So - what's for Afters?

Here, I have many memories of childhood,  where 'afters' was a first a sherry Trifle for pudding,  served immediately after Xmas dinner, and then a whole other buffet of both sweet and savoury offerings at the early evening,  shared with my maternal grandparents.

These days, as a family,  our Xmas meal is at the evening slot, so we occasionally actually go for 'Pudding for Dinner', also known as 'Eating dessert first'.  The content of this varies, but is often a Baileys flavoured special dessert from a local supermarket, or sweet mince pies with Baileys double cream.

It's varied though, some years we're too full of breakfast or chocolate to bother with dessert.

Merry Christmas to you all, Blogpeeps!

Thursday 1 December 2022

BFF RAL- a partial finish (ish)...?

There are stages of 'finishing ' in this craft world of ours aren't there?

Tonight a Xmas project reached Stage 1 Finish .. ie all cross stitch done (the Eagle eyed among you will note that means with the exception of the eyes... I don't like being Watched by my stitches whilst I'm backstitching, so I tend to leave the eyes to the latest possible point!).

Stage 2 will be backstitch complete,  and finally Stage 3 frame chosen and item framed.  But that is yet to come for this fella.

Check out my BFFs progress here