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Decisions decisions....AKA What do you want to be when you grow up? IT Ninja Monkey please...

I believe that the all-important 'Final Decision' has been made.

(Yeah, somewhat prematurely, given that I haven't actually started TM354 yet - I know - but it's SO nice having a plan that I just wanted a plan..for at least something somewhere..)

So the final OU course in my journey after TM354 Software Engineering will be TM351 - Data Management and Analysis.

In a few of my recent forays into job hunting in the IT-world, it is becoming evident that the particular gap in my knowledge is that regarding databases.  I've got bits and pieces from working with Access in old jobs, and from some of the OU Visual Basic course, but that's it.  And it does seem to be a skill in demand by employers.

So there you have it - the final decision in the long series of decisions.  And a clear path to the end of the convoluted OU journey.

Just a matter of passing my current module and the next one first of course....

It's been a roller-coaster, emotionally, physically, 'wo…