Tuesday 2 June 2015

The Middle of the Beginning of the End

Had one of those realisation moments tonight as I got out of yet another 'study bath' and wrote in my real life journal.

In a mere 4 or 5 months time, I will get one of those letters...that says you have earned enough points to qualify for the basic Bsc Open Degree. Wow, even typing that is kind of surreal!

Imagining the blog post as we speak!

I'm at mid course point, getting ready to submit the 2nd of 3 assignments, so this really is halfway through the last course to get me there. I know, not quite the end yet as the 'honours bit' is still to come. But even thinking about that part...it's almost time for the paperwork to go in for the first Level 3 course - TM354 Software Engineering.  Once that sign up is complete I will have only one more course to sign up for!

It's all kind of real all of a sudden... And yet not quite real until I see it in writing.  Me...with a degree...