Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas blogpeeps!!

Lock up the chocolate and prepare for Doctor Who, it's Christmas!!!

I got some lovely notebooks for Christmas, one of which I intend to use for the next course, as it's too nice not to start using in a hurry!

I can see me starting on the new course materials very shortly after the holidays, if only for the sake of using the book!!

Have a great time, see you on the other side!!!!

Wednesday 18 December 2013

A sneaky peak...

Despite the fact that the course materials are never due for despatch till January, they invariably land just prior to Christmas, a little mini-present of sorts.

Which brings the same dilemma as the early present, do I open and start looking now or do I wait until the course is due to begin.

Me, I'm a peeker!  Loving the looks of the new course, will now have to try and prevent the rare scenario of using course materials for procrastinating when it comes to pre-Christmas chores.  I so want to dive in but I know that if I do, all the things that I promised myself I would tackle or achieve in 'downtime' will not happen.

The washing basket does actually need to be tackled, I like to hit the bottom before Christmas Day so that I can have a work free, guilt free Xmas and Boxing day.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Confessions of a Resting Student

Sometimes I wonder if the long awaited break between courses is actually a good thing.

There, I said it, not just in my diary but on my blog for the whole world to see, if it were ever so inclined.

I am thoroughly enjoying the time off away from study, and therein lies the proverbial rub. (Where did that come from?).  A bit like exercise, studying is indeed the exercise of the brain, and in the way of exercise and fitness, it's much easier to keep doing it while you're doing it. Stopping makes starting very difficult for a while.... Many an OU student might tell of the early-course procrastination period.

So don't get me wrong, loving the break but will be almost glad when, 2 weeks after the course starts, I have caught up after procrastinating again.  And then keep on doing it to myself till the journey's end.

A long awaited day...

Yippee! Results are out and I passed, not just passed but with Grade 2!

The elusive distinction remains just so, but given the big leap in mental requirements that was needed for Level 3, anything that says pass would bring me joy.

(Mental requirements=I needed to be slightly more mad to take on each new level of part time study craziness).

Bring it on M364, I think I am ready for you!
(After another couple of resting months more though!)

Are we there yet?

No not an interminably long journey with a toddler, but an unexpectedly longer wait for results! Due out by the 29 November, we had to wait till 3 December! Only a few days of real time but, oh the machination of the stressed student mind when no real reason is given for the delay, have the papers been lost, will they make us do it all again long after we have forgotten most of it?