Wednesday 19 July 2023

BFF SAL - A Baker's Dozen

A new start,  and a serendipitous Friday Freebie from Durene Jones on her Facebook page. 

This needs a bit of adjustment to fit the theme, but nevertheless it looked like a task we'd be equal to.  So.. the containing item is taller than the pattern (as wider looked harder to adjust).

I'm stitching on 14 count white Aida, as I got a pack of 75 x 75 squares at Christmas,  which gives ample space around the 37 x 50ish design as adjusted.

The container took longer than I'd anticipated,  but it leaves us both in a good place to begin the main part of the design next week. 

I look forward to seeing this one take shape.

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Wednesday 5 July 2023

When is a Puddle not a Puddle? - BFF SAL 12

When is a Puddle not a Puddle?  When it's a cushion of course!

One super cute sleepy cat on a cushion (not in a puddle),  where he will remain for a while until we decide on a finish plan. 

I finished off the night with a teeny bit of knitting,  I've started on a chunky gilet for the winter... something big enough to give a knitting challenge,  but small enough to hopefully be finished before the Knitting Muse leaves,  as she is something of a fickle companion who will up and leave just as quickly as she arrives!  Not enough to see progress, so this is as much as I have to display. 

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We have a plan for BFF SAL 13, but you will need to wait a couple of weeks to find out what'snext,  as I have some choir rehearsals taking over the next week and can't fit in a SAL session.