Tuesday 10 March 2020

And it's all over now

Well - workshop 2 for the first module was much better, and I went away with a renewed confidence.

However, fast forward a month or two and passing through the pain of the assignment - for which I managed a bare pass, I found myself at the first workshop for the second module, and the old doubts were surfacing.

The workshop wasn't as bad as the first module stuff, and the module materials were interesting.  But I found myself again struggling to relate the materials to the government setting of my day-job.  And I was beginning to feel like the time and energy spent on the Masters was actually preventing me from focusing on my real life work.

And, if I'm truly honest, I found the structure of the Masters just wasn't for me - I'm much more of a practical learner, and there was little opportunity for that, lots of opportunity to read how other people had discussed doing things.  And whilst I could become more confident in referencing etc, there just wasn't that DESIRE for it that I found with my OU studies.

So - with a glad heart (oddly), I decided to withdraw from the Masters and get to focus on the day job for a while before I think about what's next in the way of learning.

What's next for the blog?  Hmm another interesting journey which looks to take us to new and interesting places..... stay tuned....