Friday 11 January 2019

Out with the old... and in with the New

Happy New Year blogpeeps!

Yes, unbelievably, it's 2019 already.

Looking back over the year just gone, it was a big year from a working point of view - finally through that long-planned promotion, which made for a much more comfortable festive season, financially speaking.

I'll also freely admit that it hasn't been the easiest of times from the point of personal confidence, both in work and 'real' life.  Somehow life and work and changes just got on top of me quite a bit, and my confidence in my own abilities suffered as a result.

So... we have a new year, and a new start, physically, emotionally, and more confidently.

Things are moving on at work, albeit slowly.  Our 'mini-team' has completed a piece of work that we're in the process of finalising before it can go live.  And the 'main project' has been given a bit of a reboot, with a different approach.  It's quite early days in the new version of the project, so I'm not sure how much code will be needed for a while yet, but if the plans come off then it will be an interesting development and a chance to learn lots of new stuff.

I'm starting to get ideas for 'play projects' to work on and practice my skills, including some work with voice technology on Alexa.

And....I'm even contemplating a new blog, on a new set of watch this space for links and such.  I need to get my own head around how to start afresh, and whether to use the same hosting platform to do so, or create something of my own along the way as a learning opportunity.