Sunday 19 January 2020

Restoring the faith? Module Workshop 2

Hmm... so many thoughts in my head that haven't actually made it to virtual 'paper' as blog posts.  So I guess I should start at the beginning, and pick up from where I left off last time.

The second workshop rolled around, and I have to admit to feeling largely dread for this, after the experience of the first one.  It didn't help that, once again, the confirmation email came in inviting me to an entirely different location - from Leeds to Manchester.  And unfortunately, I couldn't do Manchester, as my dear friend Sarah passed away, and I was organising and leading music for her funeral service on the first day of the workshop.  So, after speaking to my Skills Coach, we reorganised my workshop for London.  Crikey... London... in December??

Feelings of deep relief, when arriving to see that the tutor leading this one was NOT the tutor from the first one.

So... how did it go?  Hmm... well... not perfect, but the tutor did seem to actually listen to us, and we did lots of work preparing ourselves for the assignment.  I actually finished the day feeling like I knew where to begin with the assignment, and how to structure it.

And being in London was actually nicer and less scary than I'd thought, even managed to take myself out for a walk and navigate the streets around the hotel.  The venue for the workshop was right next to Tower Bridge, and I made at least one great contact who can share in some of the pain and expectations of the experience.  I'd go back there again, for sure.

More thoughts yet to come on the assignment, but I will save those for the next post.