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Time to reflect

Having resurrected the blog after some time away, I figured that the first order of business ought to be a touch of catch-up, it's seemed like a long year, despite (or perhaps because of) the lack of structure of new formal study modules to start, assignments to prepare etc..

Hmm - where to begin? 

I'll start at home:

The Washing Basket remains firmly abdicated, although we have negotiated terms over the ironing which gets exchanged for a full day's dish-washing.  After about 8 months I pulled myself off the couch and am starting to make inroads in domestic issues, the shed had a long-overdue overhaul and many loads of rubbish were taken to the skip, as well as new homes found for Phillip's old bikes which he'd long since outgrown.

Moving onto work:

The project I'd been working on since joining the team reached 'maintenance' stage, where there was no real new development work, and the support of the live product was to be taken on by a team in another l…

Where do we go from here?

Wow - it's been a LONG time between posts this time round!!

(and I will admit even a long time getting round to posting this and not sitting in a half-completed draft state!!)

I have to admit, I'd kind of lost my way a bit with the will to blog even over on the Beyond the Basket page -  I changed teams at work and with that came a massive slump in confidence.

I doubted how to continue now that I didn't have an 'OU journey' to blog about.

And at the time I felt like there were only so many ways I could keep saying 'this job is a roller-coaster of emotions'.  I've learned loads when I look back on it all, most of it unrelated to the project I'm working on, which is a new place to be.

But lately I feel a need to blog a little bit about the rollercoaster itself, it lends itself to my initial reasons for starting the blog in the first place - to share the ups and downs of the journey. 

And while this journey is now outside of the OU 'basket', I&#…