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Out with the old and in with the new

Well... New Years Eve and a time for reflection again.So much has happened since my last post, stuff that may well change the course of my career. I've been trying to get a foothold in the right place for some time but seemed to be blocked at every stage by my lack of the correct grade...but at the start of December I was given the chance to apply alongside higher grades for a Software Development training course. (after much nagging/ begging in the right places to allow it)I'm ecstatic to say that I passed both technical testing and the formal interview, and am eagerly awaiting the start of the training, possibly from around March next year.It's a move that may well turn our lives and the washing basket upside down for a while, as it would require full time attendance for a few months.  But to finally get the chance to put my OU studies into practice even for the test was awesome, so the prospect of taking on a whole new pile of learning is exciting. Not sure how it will …