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One to go...

Well thankfully having stuck to the plan of attack that worked for me last assignment, TMA02 is all completed and submitted, and I have survived to tell the tale.  The washing basket is under control, we seem to be working well as a team in that area with no sock left behind..

Which leaves just the final TMA in this course, and of course the exam (watch this space on the exam and whether I can actually attend...).

And then again just one to go more module between me and BSc Open (Hons).  Having perused the available courses (there are now an additional 3 to choose from), I'm still quite settled at present at the idea of TM351 - Data Management & Analysis, database work being the one major gap in my technical know-how.  Mind you, a few months down the line when I have been training in the 'real world', that gap may not be so wide, and another option may creep in.

If I'm honest, I also like the thought that TM351 has an End of Module Assessment rather than an e…

Frazzles and 'pressing pause' and 'pressing fast forward'

Image not the good old bacon-flavoured potato snack:


Confident in a Crisis?

Not really study related, or particularly washing-basket, but just having one of those 'Is it just me?' days and thought I would share.

Being in the middle of a difficult tech chat, I was sure and certain at first of my stance, but as the call wore on so my confidence started to slip.  I got the manager to check my thinking and was vindicated, but still it left me shaken,  I thought I had left that old demon of self-doubt behind?

And to be honest too, blogpeeps, a lack of confidence in my blog of late, and in whether it actually takes my Washing Basket out beyond the doors and into the Wild Blue Yonder?  My initial thoughts with regards to audience were fellow OU students and distance learners as well as the frustrated home-makers such as myself who lusted for a life beyond the Basket, but maybe they're all busy actually studying and have no time to procrastinate while reading my inane ramblings?

(I've got such a big set of changes coming up, and SOOOOO much to learn (a…