Thursday 14 February 2013

Frogs and Toads...and scary Level 2

2008: M255 Object Oriented Programming with Java

Well, it was time to step away from the comfort zone of Level 1 for a while, and go play with the big boys in Level 2.  All of a sudden it felt like I was really doing a University level course - dunno what I had thought I was doing in Level 1 but this was for real now, and was I up for it?

'Frogs and Toads' (along with Accounts (don't ask)) were how we were introduced to how object oriented programming works - and to classes and hierarchy of objects (A Toad is a special type of Frog - they both have similar behaviour and react to similar messages but in different ways)..  By the end of the course I never wanted to see another Frog or Toad in my life - but, do you know, 5 years later and they are still how I sometimes explain object oriented programming to myself or others.  Go figure eh?

I really enjoyed the practical emphasis of this course, and learned absolutely loads.

Oh yes - and as my first Level 2 course - this was my first experience of exams for a good long time, but the first of many more to come...

But what about the washing basket you ask?  Well, it rose, it fell, it filled up fast at assignment times when I would study and forget to do mundane things like housework.  Some things in life never change though and the washing basket is one of those things.

Along came the break between courses (having passed M255) and I thought I needed a 'filler' to keep my brain occupied.  Having read some of the maths stuff online and thinking it looked a little like maths did when I enjoyed it at school, I thought I would try something different next to try and rekindle some of that love for maths.

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