When the basket fights back..more PMA please?

Feeling a little out of sorts with it all at the minute.

I can't seem to summon up the enthusiasm and drive that I need for the amount of revision that I think I still need to cram into the 12 days that are left till the exam.  Eeek - T-12 and counting.

Worse still, I'm not even using the washing basket as a procrastination tool - the darn thing is overflowing due to wet but warm weather that doesn't allow sufficient use of the central heating to allow indoor drying at pace, but neither does it allow the summer luxury of hanging it all outside to dry.  Add to that a child back at school and wearing uniform faster than I can wash it, an interesting new job to take up my brain cells, and yes, a still-ongoing obsession with quilts which makes patchwork the ONLY thing I actually want to do.  And all that makes for one frustrated washer-lady/student.

(Cos I am getting to do none of the stuff I want to do, little of the housework stuff I need to do, and not enough hours in the day left to cram everything I need to know into my over-stuffed head).

I'm experimenting with different forms of revision in addition to my usual stuff - with mixed results.  I was liking the idea of mind mapping, getting the important parts of a unit down on a page.  Till I realised that I was limited in the amount of maps I could create with the free software package I had chosen, and unwilling to pay for the subscriber option, I took the huff and decided to try another tack.

Thankfully a helpful OU colleague created a set of flashcards in a software package called Brainscape (www.brainscape.com).  This has given me a new place to test the basics of my learning and hopefully keep in mind that "All I need to pass is 40%".

Here's hoping that will keep the panic to a minimum.

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