Confessions of a Resting Student

Sometimes I wonder if the long awaited break between courses is actually a good thing.

There, I said it, not just in my diary but on my blog for the whole world to see, if it were ever so inclined.

I am thoroughly enjoying the time off away from study, and therein lies the proverbial rub. (Where did that come from?).  A bit like exercise, studying is indeed the exercise of the brain, and in the way of exercise and fitness, it's much easier to keep doing it while you're doing it. Stopping makes starting very difficult for a while.... Many an OU student might tell of the early-course procrastination period.

So don't get me wrong, loving the break but will be almost glad when, 2 weeks after the course starts, I have caught up after procrastinating again.  And then keep on doing it to myself till the journey's end.

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