Tuesday 18 February 2014

Where did all the hats come from?

2014: M364 - Fundamentals of Interaction Design

And so, it hath begun! There are now words cluttering up the pages of my delightful new notebook, and the studies are underway at last.

(Screeching of brakes)

However, I picked just the wrong time to start what feels like 'the right job'.  It's potentially only a temporary post for 6 weeks, so my brain seems naturally inclined to give it perhaps more time and attention than would be ideal at the start of a new course.  In addition there is a much longer commute involved, meaning I am coming home more tired, so when I do switch off the day-hat then I just want to play games and hit the couch.

Welcome back, procrastination fairy!!

I think it will settle down after a couple of weeks, but as you may have noticed, I am prone to severe over thinking and over planning.

Part of me longs for a 'normal' balance but then I think that I would be bored if I ever were to achieve such a thing.

I'm glad that I only do part time work, I think my brain would explode if not!!

Washing basket is chaotic too, might have to wrest back some control at the weekend! 

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