Welcome To The New Normal

..or the first attempts at 'New Normal' at least.

The life/work/study week used to work something like this:

  • Mon - cram an hour of study in after work and before heading to folk club.
  • Tue - cram an hour of study in after Weight Watchers meeting which was after work.
  • Wed - night off from study, off to share crafts and lots of nattering with my best friend
  • Thur - a decent 2-3 of hours study on the night time after catching up on lost housework in the day
  • Fri - a bit like Thursday but maybe not so intense
  • Sat - alternating between resisting study and having a day/night off, and mad panic where half the day gets spent at the books
  • Sun - a bit like Saturday but only on a night time.
In between this of course there is the cramming in of extras in the bath, and, prior to my last job where I was getting a lift to work, cramming in extras on the bus journey.

The 'New Normal' seems to look a bit like this:
  • Mon - read for 2-3 hours on the commute to and from work, collapse on the sofa till folk club time
  • Tue - read 2-3 hours on the commute, collapse on the sofa till about bedtime
  • Wed - read 2-3 hours on the commute, collapse on the sofa till craft time 
  • Thur - a couple of hours during the day, then a mad panic to catch up on lost housework from all the sofa-collapsing earlier in the week
  • Fri - just like Thursday but, having caught up a bit, an hour or two in daytime and 2 or 3 on the night
  • Sat - much like the 'old' Saturday but with more tiredness
  • Sun - same as the old Sunday I guess
(I'm only guessing, of course, that this is the New Normal.  In Reality nothing is ever Normal for long enough to become officially Normality - we only need one missing link in the chain and chaos ensues)

There may actually be more physical time spent studying in the New Normal. I certainly seem to have to pay more attention to structuring the time.  But doing less on an evening just feels wrong so far - It just doesn't feel Normal yet!

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