Saturday 29 November 2014

Back in the basket!

Well the results are in already.....drum roll please......Grade 2 pass!! With 81% for the exam score, the distinction remained close but decided not to supply the cigar.  Ah well, considering the traumas in personal life, along with the added 'bonus' of extended travelling time to work....I am more than overjoyed with the Grade 2 and the 81% to be honest!

The housework is under a reasonable level of control, having retreated to it somewhat as a comfort zone of something I could control during 2 periods of Dad's hospitalisation which of course I couldn't control. Not so much procrastination as avoidance of thought...if my hands were busy then my brain didn't have to process the horrid stuff we were dealing with.  Whichever way....grateful for the improved living space anyhow.

So now it's the 'downtime' phase, not quite got my head back into craft mode as Dad's only been out of hospital for a couple of weeks and I don't think I have wound down yet. Consequently I have hit "couch potato" mode with lots of no-brainer TV being watched.

Not signed the papers for next course yet as I do believe that work are going to support me financially with the last 3 courses....which would be great and give us a little financial leeway to get our own house in order..literally and tap looks in need of replacement but our friend the plumber doesn't seem to be around at the minute.

But I shall look forward to the rest of the deep winter off, and to renewed energy for my studies next February.

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