Wednesday 7 January 2015

A Parcel of Delights!

Ooo its that time again... the eager unwrapping of a box full of goodies!!

And no, I don't mean it's Christmas Day again already! I speak of course of the delights of the new course materials delivered yesterday.  A strange mix, with a DVD, a novel and a small (thankfully) textbook.

Somehow there's always a delightful feeling of anticipation mixed with slight trepidation when the new stuff arrives.  I'm looking forward to starting again, kind of still bemoaning the lack of obsessive crafting throughout the winter but positive and ready to begin on this last step for the basic degree.

Soon it will be time for the ritual of tidying the desk space to allow me to study in a pleasant place.

And then of course the sudden emergence of the procrastination fairy from her winter lair.  Let's see if I can empty the washing basket before the course officially begins on 31st January!!

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