Tuesday 12 May 2015

Middle of the Road...aka mid-course blues

Halfway House...Middle of the Road...Battle of Midway?

No I'm not planning on releasing a solo album any time soon, I'm discussing the inevitable slump, usually arrives at the halfway point of any module.  The time when I know I have to study, but the want has all but left the building. When reading anything but the course materials is my greatest desire.

This week it's been waxing and waning a lot, perhaps egged on by the fact I am on public transport whilst hubby is off work for the week.  Somehow the thought of study after a longer day is less appealing, and carrying the textbook to work on the bus not as simple as the short walk from the carpark outside the office.  I have managed to force some in, via the guise of my old friend the study-bath.

It's harder to judge the balance of life without the state of the basket, so I'm not sure where I am in the chaos-scale, when I figure out a new measure I will let you know.

Only twice more will I hit this halfway mark though... And then onwards towards .....whatever is next outside the basket.

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