Landmark Moments Part 2

Well no sooner had I sat and congratulated myself on part 1...I realised all of a sudden that I should check out the Degree progress page...

Yippee!!  I have a Degree - somehow I still can't believe it's really really real!!

Upon reading up further in the "bumpf", it appears that I can accept the degree without Honours and just defer the graduation ceremony till the 'real' end - so that is my plan so far.

It's been a 'future thing' for so long I still can't believe it's real and happening now and I can really be:
Veronica Colling BSc.

I have to admit that I've had more than one emotional moment today as it's sunk in, this massive journey has an actual Result!!  Chin has been a-wobbling muchly, and not for Weightwatchers-related reasons.

Might post more in the coming days after I calm down, but I had to get it out there while the buzz feels like this.

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