BFF SAL... not quite

Apologies for the absence last week,  it's been a weird fortnight,  which saw me fighting with vertigo.   And as I need to swap to more magnifying glasses for cross stitch, I didn't manage anything this week either, as it was triggering an attack of dizziness. 

But my BFF and I enjoyed a long fun night, looking at Etsy shops for patterns for me, we're going to change things up on the first Wednesday of each month with a themed stitch.  This gives us any excuse for a new start without letting the main BFF SAL projects stall for too long.

I think I've decided what to do, but you'll have to find out more next month.  Hopefully I'll be back to a stitch next week!

And I did manage 2 rows of this knitting.. so there was craft worked anyway.  I'm enjoying this as something that still allows me to craft whilst I wait for the vertigo drugs to chase that away.


  1. I am still dithering about what to do in our new evening.

  2. I know how vertigo feels... awful! I hope it goes away for you so you can get back to stitching.
    That is going to look great!


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