Rebel without a cause

OK, the procrastination fairy was obviously just delayed in her arrival!  Along with the hot weather the post-assignment slump is trying to put me off my new-found enthusiasm, and is succeeding very well at the task.  It's hitting temperatures of 30-ish degrees out there, and so the computer room (which is normally an icebox for most of the year) has suddenly become a greenhouse, and me a tomato plant with insufficient water!

I've hit that point of chaos, where both the washing basket and the studies are getting the cold shoulder (OK hot shoulder this week!!), all I want to do is play on the PS3 or stitch patchwork or cross-stitch or knit (or generally find time for my many craft projects).

Trying to keep up with the studies in one way or another though, even if it's only by taking the course reading materials in the bath to cool down with.

Oh I can barely remember the good old days, when I could read a book or magazine in the bath, play games to my hearts content, and still have time left over for crafts.  Really looking forward to that break over winter, with no studies to do I might catch up on the washing and the crafts (whilst wishing the next course would hurry up and start, no doubt - such is the fickleness of the human mind).

Hoping I can shift this slump quickly, only 32 days to the next assignment.  Crikey!  And then it's down to revision for the exam in October.

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