Out with the old, in with the new..

Waiting for my lightbulb moment..

Somehow, my brain is stuck on the question of "What Next?" - feeling unsettled without particularly good reason at the moment.

I'm into the final 3rd of this course (M362), and whilst I am getting good (OK, great) results on the assignments, somehow I am feeling a massive lack of confidence towards the exam, due in October.

And I think that lack of confidence (how will I do in my first Level 3 exam?) is hindering the choice of next course.  Add that to the ever-changing goalposts that is the OU's syllabus, and my brain is battered.

(Hence the reasonably empty washing basket - I can cope with that without thought...).

A lot of courses are coming to an end in 2014 - so it will be my last chance to take a few of them.  We have M363, M364, M359, or M366, along with a couple of others that I like the sound of but that I should have preceded with appropriate Level 2 courses.  These are being replaced from October 2014, but we don't have sufficient details as to 'with what' to allow for the most accurate decision making in the next few months.

I've never felt as though I didn't know my next step in this OU journey, and I'm finding that lack of direction difficult at the minute.  And I don't think I can afford to wait to see if I pass this course first before signing up for the next one, as it would leave it too late for any financial assistance applications.

Will I have that lightbulb moment?  I sure hope so.

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