PMA for a TMA

OK, staying positively positive today - reached the end of Question 2 on TMA3 - halfway house!  19 days left to cram in 2 units worth of study and 2 questions - eeek!  But I can do it, I will do it, I have got this far already.  (On the plus side, Question 2 was a non-practical question, as much as I love the programming side, it was actually nice to just type out an answer and know that was it.  The problem with the programming questions is not actually the programming's writing it all up and copying and pasting a whole load of code into your solution file - using a different font for all the code parts!  I get more annoyed at my perceived inabilities in Word than I ever do at the 'challenges' posed by Java!!)

Not my shed...or a halfway house.....but I'm sure the spiders still love it!!
On to reading the next unit, and therefore time to decant to the bathroom (the quietest most private spot to study in the house, short of locking myself in the shed with the giant spiders).

Sometimes the end of a course gets a bit like that, it's cram in the studies for the bits you need to know for the assignment, then hope you can pick it all up again when it comes to revision time.  (More eek!)

Revision will be a post all of its own I reckon.  And will have to wait till the assignment is finished, my student-guilt radar is pinging at the thought even of typing this blog post.  (hmm cue another blog topic there me-thinks!!)

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